Unfinished business…

After cycling 2,750 km across six different countries, with bike plus kit weighing 41 kg, Nick arrived in Budapest at the weekend!

Throughout his journey, Nick has been powered purely by muscle power, with the exception of three boat rides in Germany totaling around 20 km; Two because it was prettier from the water and the other because the route was impassible.

Whilst this is an incredible achievement, it has been tinged with sadness as Nick has found himself having to take an enforced break and head home for the time being. Over the last week or so, most of the Balkan states on the route have started requiring either maximum 3 day old negative coronavirus tests or 2 weeks quarantine when entering from neighboring countries, which makes it far too risky for him to keep travelling. It’s been a fantastic experience and Nick is bitterly disappointed that he has to stop for now. That said, he has reported that Budapest is a good place to stop and he very much hopes to start again in the future when the Covid situation permits.

Nick has been very grateful for the support and encouragement that he has received en-route and would like to send a special thanks to those who made such generous donations to his chosen cancer charities. It is still possible to make donations for another 2 weeks if anyone wishes to do so and in so doing, help him to help others who are also living with cancer.

Prostate Cancer UK – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nick-leaver
Krebsliga – https://participate.krebsliga.ch/Nick-Leaver/sport

Nick is currently travelling back towards Zurich and is on a train somewhere near Vienna. He can rest assured that a great deal of people are hugely proud of him and his achievements thus far. A warm welcome awaits him in Zurich.

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