Today’s reading: Reflections V

This is not a new-found book of the bible, but next in our series of reflections from Elected Officers on their experiences.

Today’s contribution comes from our Safeguarding Officer, Carolyn Guler, on her time as a member of Church Council. Many of you will know Carolyn as she is a also a member of our Choir. Alternatively, you may recognise her from the many hours she has spent over the years, looking after the till at our Christmas Bazaar Café!

What did you expect?
I’ve served twice on the council, the first time with our previous chaplain John Newsome and more recently with our current chaplain Paul. The first time I had no real idea how the Church was run and even less on what would be expected of me as a member of the council.

What was the reality?
It was far more interesting than I’d anticipated and I enjoyed learning about and taking a small part in the internal organisation of the Church.

What were the biggest challenges?
The first time I was still teaching in the evenings so it was sometimes a challenge to arrange my teaching schedule around council meetings but I managed to attend on most occasions.

What were the highlights?
I enjoyed listening to the other members’ ideas and being able to give my points of view on the various subjects we discussed. Pre-COVID, Paul introduced the idea of a simple pot-luck supper prior to the meeting which enabled us all to get to know each other better on an informal basis.

What advice would you give to somebody considering taking on an elected role?
Go for it! It’s so easy to convince ourselves that other people are more qualified but we all have something to offer. It’s a great way, however small, of contributing to the running of St. Andrew’s.

During Paul’s summer break, Carolyn very kindly oversaw our regular Sunday virtual cuppa events.

There will be another virtual cuppa session later this morning – Why not get yourself a drink at 11:30 and join us for a chance to have a chat with others from St Andrew’s? 

Meeting details have been sent out to the Chaplains distribution list, or you can click here to email the Chaplain for the details of how to join the meeting.

At the forthcoming AGM, on the 6th September, we will be electing a new Churchwarden, two new Council members and four new Archdeaconry Synod representatives. 
Candidates for these posts are nominated by members of the Electoral Roll. 
Candidates must also be members of the Electoral Roll themselves, in order to be nominated.  If you are interested in taking on one of these roles, please do contact the office.

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