Hanging on in there….

As I reflect on my personal experience through the past few months, there has always been a path or picture that I can see and identify, and clearly things have been on a more positive trend for the last weeks, which is comforting.

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That said, it is clear that we will live with some restrictions and changes for a long time to come, and that is why I position my feeling as ‘hanging on in there’ – nothing is particularly wrong, but nor necessarily is anything particularly right as I adjust to a new way of working and a new way of life.

A further reflection in personal and professional life is that we achieved the shift into lockdown with a certain determination, built a routine and focused on each other and keeping well. As we have moved on, so it is harder to do this as external factors play into routines once more and the shape of each day varies.

It is interesting therefore as I track and monitor the Church finances that my feeling is not dissimilar. When we first entered lockdown, and the Church premises were closed our community were very generous in their thoughts, prayers and donations, and our level of income remained, even though we had an immediate reduction in income in terms of Community Centre rentals. Whilst it was not possible to take up a collection on a Sunday morning, many of you were very generous in your contributions, which has been greatly appreciated.

As time has wound on, so I have seen a steady reduction in income, as we all struggle to cope, understand and adjust to life as it now stands. We have some offsets, but have slipped over the summer from a surplus to a deficit on a year to date basis. Whilst disappointing, this is not surprising. Given our overall financial strength it should not be seen as alarming, but certainly something that needs to drive thought and action.

So what, going forwards? A bit like my own personal malaise, it is frequently up to ourselves to decide what we do and how we act. In this sense we look for how best to use the assets and opportunities we have and understand what we can do to raise funds to support the ongoing activities of the church.

I would therefore ask all of the community to reflect, pray and consider their own path forwards in terms of contributions to the church. If you have ideas on what we could do to fund-raise or support the church, please reach out to me, or any of the Council, who are engaged in considering and re-imaging church in a post (or indeed during) Covid age.

During the forthcoming AGM I will present an update which will include a view on the 2020 to date finances, as well as formally accepting the 2019 accounts.

We are always very grateful for any donations or financial support received, and for help with our fundraising.

If you would like to make a contribution immediately, or on an ongoing basis, please visit our payments and donations page.

If there are any aspects you would like to discuss, please do get in touch by emailing me at, treasurerzurich@anglican.ch

Ian Long

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