Where’s Nick?

After completing 720km together from Ulm, Nick and Monica arrived in Vienna on Friday. They have enjoyed a couple of wonderful weeks together, during which time, the standard of accommodation has been somewhat higher than for the first part of Nick’s journey. Aside from the two monasteries and the castle which they have stayed in, the photos below confirm that even their tent had an added level of sophistication!

Today, Nick is continuing his onward journey along the EuroVelo 6 route towards Budapest and then the Black Sea. Should you want to encourage Nick along a bit, you can make donations to one, or both, of the following cancer charities and in so doing, help him to help others who are also suffering from cancer.

Prostate Cancer UK – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nick-leaver
Krebsliga – https://participate.krebsliga.ch/Nick-Leaver/sport

(Not) the standard dress code for a Churchwarden!

Whilst he may have been busy pedalling and enjoying the time with Monica, Nick has managed to find the time to answer the “big five” questions and to share his reflections on his time as Churchwarden.

What were your expectations?
A middle management / senior NCO type responsibility; overseeing the day to day organisation of the church.

What was the reality?
Exactly what I had expected, but a lot more time consuming and challenging than I had expected.

What were the biggest challenges?
Apart from a one-off nightmare of an assistant chaplain stuck in the USA without a valid work permit and unable to return to Zürich, the biggest challenge was dealing with people; congregation, church council, choir, clergy. The role of a CW is to keep things running as smoothly as possible, to please as many people as possible whilst doing what is necessary, that calls for a lot of diplomacy, but a firm hand.

What were the highlights?
The gratitude and support of the majority of the congregation.

What advice would you give to somebody considering taking on an elected role?
Bring new ideas and determination, but be prepared for resistance and learn to compromise.

If you’d like to see more of Nicks photos from along the way and follow his progress, just follow this link;

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