All together now

Bishop Robert (L), with our Chaplain, Revd. Paul Brice (R)

Christians will join in worship with their brothers and sisters across Europe and around the world today, as the Church of England’s weekly online service goes international.

Our Bishop in Europe, The Rt Rev Dr Robert Innes will introduce the service, talking about the historical and contemporary life and work of the Diocese in Europe. Filmed at the Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels, the service is led by Rev Fiona Simon, Associate Chaplain.

The Service will be available, along with Paul’s weekly podcast, on the “What’s on” listing for Sunday worship at home, which can also be found via a link at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

The Archdeacon of North West Europe and Senior Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brussels, the Ven. Dr Paul Vrolijk, from the Netherlands, will preach. In his sermon, Dr Vrolijk will speak about the experience of people separated from family and friends for months during the current pandemic.

Preaching from the final section of Romans 8, which says that nothing can separate us from the love of God, he will say: “I hope that at this moment you may feel connected to the God who loves you as we together listen to God’s word, as we pray and worship together, as we hear the Eucharistic prayer and join spiritual communion.

“That the Holy Spirit may give you that encouragement and assurance; whether we face illness, or lock-down or isolation or job loss or uncertainty we may know that suffering will not conquer hope; that death will not conquer life; separation is never final.”

The Ven. Dr Paul Vrolijk, Archdeacon of North West Europe and Senior Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brussels.

Prayers will be led by Ozichi Baron, from Nigeria, a licensed lay reader, and the readings will be given by the churchwarden Nicholas Deliyanakis, from Greece, and Jaddua Solomon Abraham, from India.

If you are worshipping at home today you will be able to find Paul’s weekly podcast, along with a listing of other English language services, via the link for Sunday Worship at home, at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

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Whether you are worshipping in church or at home today, we can all come together later this morning for our virtual cuppa.
– Get yourself a drink at 11:30 and join us for a chance to have a chat with others from St Andrew’s.

All are welcome and there is no agenda for this conversation. To join the meeting, click here to email the Chaplain for the details.

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