Book, book, books!

If you are planning to attend the service at church tomorrow morning, please do be sure to book in advance, by midday today.

More information and our online advance booking facility, can be found via the link for Sunday Services Information, at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

If you have books to donate for the Book Sale on the 12th September, and are planning to attend tomorrow’s service, you can bring them along then and leave them in the church porch.

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Please note, that we are only able to sell good quality English print books.  We cannot accept German print books, travel guides, IT manuals or business journals.  We would however, be happy to accept both English and German books for children.

If you want to deliver books during the week, please phone the office to arrange a time for drop off in advance, as we are still remote working most of the time.  Alternatively, if you are unable to get in to St Andrew’s, we may be able to collect your donations from your house.  Please contact the office and we can make arrangements as necessary.

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