The Power of positivity

Too cute not to share!

Three year old Ayaan’s mother captured this moment on her phone whilst they were walking to school in October last year. It was a moment shared between a little boy and his mother, but it’s not surprising that this video of Ayaan repeating his affirmations has gone viral.

Brielle and Ayaan’s father, Alpha, had been teaching him for some time that he could grow up to be anything he wants. The three-sentence affirmation was one of their first lessons when he was two years old.

“I am smart. I am blessed. I can do anything!”
Great words to live by.

When nurtured, positive thinking helps foster resilience in children and adults alike. This weeks Faith At Home video looks at resilience for parents. Featuring contributions from young people across the UK, the episode includes reflections, prayers, and ideas to try at home. You can watch the video by following the link to Sunday Worship at home, at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

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