If you are worshipping at home today, you will be able to find Paul’s weekly podcast, along with a listing of other English language services, via the Sunday Worship link at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

There’s also a link to this week’s Faith at Home episode for Parents and Families, which focuses on the theme of Patience. For some reason, gremlins invaded the internet when I was trying to upload the link to this video and the job took far longer than it should have done… The irony wasn’t lost on me!

The art of being patient and enduring difficult circumstances, or accepting delay, seems rather appropriate to reflect upon as restrictions are lifted across Switzerland and life slowly moves towards a new normal. After all, patience is not merely the ability to wait, but how we act whilst we are waiting.

Don’t forget that whether you are worshipping in church or at home today, we can all come together later this morning for our virtual cuppa – Grab a cup of tea or coffee at 11:30 and join us for a chance to have a chat with others from St Andrew’s.
All are welcome and there is no agenda for this conversation.
To join the meeting, click here to email the Chaplain for the details.

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