Prayer comes to us all

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We are now entering a new phase of lifestyle in Switzerland.

Many of our fellowship will still be worshiping in the safety of their own home, while others will be more confident to venture out and attend church on Sundays.

Our Chaplain, Revd. Paul Brice would like to gather some prayers from everyone wherever they are, so as to bring us together in thought and prayer. Where appropriate, he would like to be able to share them in church or summarise some for the web.

If a thought for prayer crosses your mind during the week, please jot it down and send it to Paul at this email, as this would add some participation into the current situation which separates us physically.

Children are also invited to participate and you may want to take some time to write a prayer as a family.

Remember, your prayers may be simple one-liners, or longer. Each one is important and worthy of sharing!

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