See you Sunday?

If you are planning to attend the service at church on Sunday, please do be sure to register in advance.

Warden, Christian Milz waiting to allocate you a seat in church.

Due to the Federal restrictions to ensure sufficient social distancing, seating is limited and we do need to record contact details of people attending. There are two reasons for this, we have to log everyone present for tracing purposes should anyone fall ill. Also, we would not like to find someone journeying a long distance and being turned away because we are unable to allocate them a seat.

Do not feel awkward if you are not going to attend church. It is right to take care, especially for vulnerable groups, and helpful for you to reduce anxieties.

More information and our online advance booking facility, can be found via the link for Sunday Services Information, at the top of the Prayer and Worship page.

You can also click here to go straight to the on-line booking system

If you are worshiping at home, we will be sending out activities for our Junior church families to do at home and Paul will continue to post his weekly podcast. Also, we will still be meeting up for our virtual zoom cuppa on Sunday morning.

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