Finding oneself in good company…

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It may well seem surprising that a group of just 23 individuals is required to reach a probability of 50% that at least two individuals in the group have the same birthday.

Why does this come to mind? This morning, I was reminded that today is the Duke of Edinburgh’s 99th birthday. As a child, I always thought that the Union Flag was flown on June 10th because it was my birthday, until one year I realised that it was simply because I was in good company…

What are the chances then, that until quite recently both wardens at St Andrew’s shared the same birthday (happy birthday Robert!). This could only have been improved upon if we had been wardens when Peter Hawker was our Chaplain – then it would have been a full house!

Even better, would have been if John Sentamu had also been Archbishop of York at the time – that would have counted as a straight flush!

I am happy to report that, despite having to get the lads out of the house in time for lessons starting at 07:30 and the cat disgracing itself by eating the birthday cake that Matthew hadn’t quite iced, today has been a lot of fun. Best of all, Matthew managed to set to and bake a second cake which probably won’t last much longer than the first!

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