The morning after the night before…

Those of us that joined the St Ursula’s on-line quiz yesterday evening had an excellent time pitting our wits and dredging our knowledge banks to come up with the answers. All in all, 58 people took part to form 11 teams, with people joining from Switzerland, UK, Turkey and Australia. Points scored by the teams were close and it almost came down to the difference between the largest clock and church clock face in Europe… There was general agreement that St Peter’s, in Zurich, remains the largest church clock face in Europe, which is something of a relief for those of us who point it out to our visitors!
Many thanks to Sue for hosting the quiz and to everybody else involved in making the event happen – Well done!

Tomorrow is Mother’s day, distinct from Mothering Sunday, and our Junior Church leaders have sent out ideas and suggestions to help families make the day a special one. If you’d like to be on the Junior Church mailing list, just click here to let us know.
Ordinarily on Mother’s day we would give out flowers during our service, as a way of thanking all those people who play a part in caring for us. It’s nice to think that this gesture demonstrates our appreciation all year round, so I was cheered to see this picture of one of the plants given out last year – still going strong!

Don’t forget, you can join with others from St Andrew’s for a virtual cuppa tomorrow morning, via Zoom, at 11:30.
To join the meeting, click here to email the Chaplain for the details.

Also, if you’d like to be included in our telephone chat network, just let us know by emailing our support team.

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