Useful Factsheets for the next few weeks.

The Canton of Zurich has just released these two new bulletins, in English, with some helpful information abut the current restrictions and the plans to ease them as well as information about counselling services and helplines.

Click here for information about the restrictions and plans to ease them

Click here for information about counseling services and helplines

Whilst they may not be issued by the canton in which you live, they contain some good general information so they may still be of use to you.

What they do confirm is that it will probably be mid-June before we can open the church again and that we won’t be able to make any decisions about reopening until the end of May at the earliest.

In the meantime, there have been quite a few maintenance and cleaning tasks carried out whilst the church has been empty, so it will positively sparkle when we are allowed back inside!

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