If at first you don’t succeed… Post it again!

First of all, a quick reminder about our Palm Sunday Charity collection appeal.
Palm Sunday is traditionally one of the Sundays where we match the collection from Church funds and donate the proceeds to charity. As we could not be in Church on Sunday, we have agreed that any amounts donated via TWINT on Sunday or Monday, or in our bank account on Monday, will be matched by the Church and paid to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. Please refer to our Payments page for details on how to make payments to the Church. Many thanks for all of your generosity.

Having posted last week about the on-line Safeguarding training, available to all St Andrew’s members, it seems that the link to our Safeguarding Officers email didn’t quite work… I have updated the link in the original post. If you would like to find out more, you can also contact Carolyn by clicking here.

We have added a list of useful links to the home page of the blog. You can find it by clicking the link at the bottom of the homepage, which is very helpfully called “useful links” – It’s exactly what it says on the tin! You can also access the list by clicking here.

I’m delighted to report that yesterday’s virtual gathering for a cuppa was a great success. In all, twelve people (and a dog) managed to join the Zoom call and we had a lovely chat ranging from pasta recipes and balcony exercises to sing-along ideas! Many thanks to Peter Spychal and Michael Dechane for working their magic to make it possible. We will hold more virtual cuppa sessions, every Sunday at 11:30. Do keep an eye out for more information later in the week.

Finally, if you’ve made it through to this point, you deserve a treat, so enjoy this video of Shaun playing”My Song is Love Unknown” to the tune by John Ireland.

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