Time for a cuppa?

Grab a cup of tea or coffee at 11:30 TODAY and join us for a chance to have a 30-minute virtual gathering. All are welcome and there is no agenda for this conversation.

You will need to create a Zoom account to participate in this video conference call. You can do that before the meeting by visiting Zoom’s site and clicking the “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE” button in the upper right hand of the Zoom home page. You will need to enable Zoom to access your laptop or phone’s built-in microphone and camera to participate.
To join the meeting (after you have created your account), email Lisa Long for the meeting details.

Please don’t forget our Palm Sunday Charity collection appeal!
Palm Sunday is traditionally one of the Sundays where we match the collection from Church funds and donate the proceeds to charity. As we will not be in Church today, we have agreed that any amounts donated via TWINT today or tomorrow, or in our bank account tomorrow will be matched by the Church and paid to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. Please refer to our Payments page for details on how to make payments to the Church.
Many thanks for all of your generosity.

Please note, all three cups of tea were consumed by the churchwarden in the making of this post!

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