Palm Sunday Charity appeal

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Palm Sunday is traditionally one of the Sundays where we match the collection from Church funds and donate the proceeds to charity. As we will not be in Church on Sunday, we have agreed that any amounts donated via TWINT tomorrow or Monday, or received in our bank account on Monday, will be matched by the Church and paid to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal.

This year, the appeal is raising funds for a new classroom at the Bishop Hanningtone Memorial Academy being built by the Diocese of Mumias, in Kenya.

In 2013 the Kenyan government introduced a policy of free primary education. This has led to big increases in the numbers of children enrolled in schools. All the evidence suggests that improving primary school participation rates is a key factor in development and well-being. However, the number of teachers has not increased and classrooms are congested. Some classes have as many as 150 pupils with students sharing desks. In other cases, a shortage of buildings means children trying to learn outside, despite the vagaries of the weather.

Bishop Joseph estimates it will cost 20,000 USD to build and furnish a new classroom. (That is very good value by Western European standards!) Our Lent Appeal could therefore go most of the way to constructing a very tangible expansion of the Diocese of Mumias’s mission to educate primary school children.

Please give as generously as you can, via TWINT or bank transfer to St Andrew’s. Remember, any TWINT donations received tomorrow or Monday, or payments to our bank account on Monday will be matched by the Church and forwarded on to the appeal.

Please refer to our Payments page for details on how to make payments to the Church.

Many thanks for your generosity.

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