Thank you to the TWINTers

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It is lovely to see how the church community continues to come together even though we cannot meet in person. I am grateful to all of you that have responded to my previous post, in word, thought and deed.

I would like to say a particular thanks on this occasion to those of you that have donated via TWINT. When we receive payments to our bank account we can (and do) reach out to thank you individually. Unfortunately that is not possible for TWINT payments. Whilst I know immediately that a payment has been made – both via text message and email – I do not know who has made the payment. Therefore all I can do is say a very clear THANK YOU to all that have donated in this way.

Please do continue to think of us and we are all very grateful for your donations if you are able, but as I stated previously, I fully recognise that not everyone will be able to do so.

This weekend is Palm Sunday, which is traditionally one of the Sundays where we match the collection from Church funds and donate the proceeds to charity. As we will not be in Church on Sunday, we have agreed that any amounts donated via TWINT on Sunday or Monday, or in our bank account on Monday will be matched by the Church and paid to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal – we will share more information on this later in the week.

Please refer to our Payments page for details on how to make payments to the Church.

Many thanks once more for all of your generosity.

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