A message from our Junior Church team

We hope our message finds you all healthy and well. How was your past week? Are you doing alright? We think about you all often and want you to know you are in our prayers. Please feel free to let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you

If we have your email address, and permission to send you information, you should have already received an email from the Junior Church team with some activities and ideas that you can use to worship together as a family today. If you would like to receive emails from us, please contact zurich@anglican.ch and we can add you to the list!

Last week, we shared some materials for the parents and children to work through together in lieu of our regular Junior Church program. What did you think? Were they useful or not? Sometimes parents and adults might find it challenging to talk with (their) children about God and their faith. It may not be part of a daily conversation and to introduce it can make some feel a bit uncomfortable or rather ill-equipped. Please know that your conversations don’t have to perfect, and that you don’t have to be able to answer all of their questions about God and Jesus, or theological topics for that matter. What matters is that you do have conversations, however brief they may be or messy they may feel. Your children do listen to what you say, even if it may not always seem like it. We know that parents can have the greatest impact on the development of a child’s faith. What we offer in Junior Church helps build on that, and please know we are here to support you.

In lieu of our after-church Lent group discussions, there will be a live chat with our Chaplain, Paul, this morning at 11.30 (remember, the clocks changed!). This week we will be reflecting on the experience of church for children: what does it feel like from their perspective?. This discussion is for congregation members. There will be a limit of ten participants.
Please email Michael Dechane here for instructions to join in.

We wish you all a very good week. Please send us a quick note to let us know how you are doing. We’d love to hear from you!

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