Stuck at home? Pick up the phone!

Coronavirus is clearly a huge concern at the moment and many of us will be feeling anxious about the rapidly changing situation.

Our St Andrew’s community has set up a telephone network so that we can stay in touch with each other, and in particular with those of us who are more at risk. A big thank you to all those who have volunteered!

If you would like to help by making calls, or if you would like to be included on the telephone chain, please contact the support team: or telephone the church office.

We can all help, even if you are staying safe at home, you could keep in touch with people by telephone. Calls don’t need to be long, just regular.

We are also setting up a group to offer practical support, such as shopping and collecting medicines, for people in need as a consequence of Coronavirus. If you are able to offer help with this group, or if you need help, do contact, or the Church Office, and we will do our very best to match people up.

Stay safe and do let us know if you need us!

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