Postponement to AGM

As church gatherings cannot currently take place, the AGM has been postponed. A new date for the AGM will be announced once the Federal ban on gatherings has been lifted.  We will be informed how to proceed by the Diocese, along with all other chaplaincies and parishes, as soon as further information becomes available.

Once a new date has been set for the AGM, there will then be two weeks for nominations to be submitted for the elections that will be being held. We need a new churchwarden, two new council members and four new Archdeaconry Synod representatives.

Candidates for these posts are proposed by Members of the Electoral Roll.  Candidates must also be Members of the Electoral Roll themselves, in order to be nominated.  Similarly, those who nominate and second them must be on the Electoral Roll.

Please use the intervening time created by this postponement to give serious thought to who would be suitable for any of these roles, check with them if they are prepared to undertake the commitment and be ready to submit their names to Paul when we know the new date of the AGM.

Meanwhile, do keep checking back for the latest news, and worship information.

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