Thoughts (and best wishes) from the Treasurer

These are difficult times for all of us, as we make adjustments, adapt to new circumstances and potentially deal with direct impacts to ourselves or those we hold near and dear.

In my role as Treasurer, I also need to consider the impacts from a financial perspective. When setting up the 2020 budget with the wardens a few weeks ago we took what we knew then about the CoViD-19 outbreak into account and worked on the conservative side of that. As the days and weeks roll on we learn more, but if anything the uncertainty grows. I therefore wanted to share some thoughts, requests and guidance on the situation.

We are immensely grateful to those that responded to the pledge campaign at the end of last year. I fully appreciate that the current situation may mean that you are no longer in a position to uphold the payments you have pledged to make. If this is the case, please do feel free to email me (in complete confidence) to reduce or take a break from making payments.

At the same time, the church income is reducing dramatically at present. Without any services, there are no collections, and in 2019, the monies donated through the collection bags made up over 10% of our total income. In addition there have been a number of (understandable) cancellations of Community Centre bookings and no short term rents, so our rental income is reducing day by day.

If you are able, I would be very grateful if you could therefore consider making a donation, or pledging a regular amount, so that we can continue to operate in such difficult times – unfortunately the bills still keep coming! Payments can be made via TWINT or bank transfer (See payments page here). If you would like to pledge a regular amount, please let me know, as we can then plan to make best possible use of the income.

One final note is for those that find themselves in real difficulty. The church administrates the ‘Anne Catherine Nind Fund’, which is to assist needy, elderly and/or ill people who are closely associated with St Andrew’s and the daughter communities, to maintain their independence and health. All transactions are treated on a strictly confidential basis, and I can be contacted as one of the administrators.

I wish everyone well in these trying times. If you want to reach out to me, please email me at

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